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:CE: Melancholic Fantasy OC - Aosake Yasuko by KirCorn :CE: Melancholic Fantasy OC - Aosake Yasuko by KirCorn
This is my entry for :iconnyaririn:'s contest.


Name: Aodake (青竹 - green bamboo) Yasuko (康子 - peaceful child)
Age: 24
D.o.B.: February 13th
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 53 kg
Gender: female
Race: human
Eyes: light orange
Hair: dark green
Occupation: bounty hunter
Likes: swordplay, spring, taking naps under trees
Hates: peas, orange juice, snow
Fave food: roast boar
Fave drink: apple cider

-Amulet of cold fire: this amulet consents her to use the magic called “cold fire” and she wears it in her right arm, the magic consists in flames that freeze the target instead of burning it as normal fire does, Yasuko can use it three times only because it consumes a lot of her energy and being a human she doesn’t have a lot of magic power.
-Double-blade sword: Yasuko inherit her blade from her dad who teached her swordplay and hand-to-hand combat, the sword hasn’t some special powers but is made with a really hard metal and it almost impossible to break.

She can look really serious and quiet at first sight but she’s kinda the opposite, she’s really stubborn and always goes straight on her own decisions.
She’s way much spendthrift, every time she get some money she spends that at her favourite tavern since she says they got the best apple cider in the whole world. She can be bitter and sarcastic with people she doesn’t know deeply, but with the time and if you manage to be in her graces, Yasuko can be kind and will invite you to take a drink with her. She has a good spot for troubles but most of the times she can manage to get out from them.
Yasuko tries to stay focused during a battle, but she always gets distracted by the most little thing, like a jumping worm and such.
She's really flirty when she's drunk and loves her hair so if someone tells her a compliment about it, that's a good way to enter in her graces.

Yasuko is really good with swordplay and melee combat, she’s also more strong than a normal woman and can fight hand-to-hand. With her “cold fire” magic, she can fight from close-range to mid-range even if in the second case her precision will be worst since she got some problem with eyes, she’s shortsighted and for this problem she can’t even fight from a long-range.

Yasuko was trained by her dad since she was 9 just because she asked him to do so, she was always attracted by swordplay and the elegant but at the same time letal movements, her dad began training her but not hardly, thinking that was only a game, but with the time and seeing her being always more determined, he made the training more hard.
When she was 19, she began to work as bounty hunter, at first she never managed to catch any bandit since she attacked them way too impulsively, with time she managed to understand how the bounty hunter job worked and every time catching bandits became more easy.
At the age of 22, she decided to go live by her own buying a house in the main city but this wasn’t a great idea, she always had the habit to go drink apple cider with her father every evening and he always paid for that, now she has to pay with her own money and in the main city the cider was way much more expensive due to the higher taxes. For the first 6 months she managed to go on this way, but then the debts arrived, she tried to repair to that with her job, but that only helped to make the debts raise up and sometimes she got kicked out from the tavern.
One day, while she was at the tavern, she heard about some men talking about a big price that would make her life perfect forever, she only had to catch a girl who seemed is arrived from another world and has a particular power, Yasuko didn’t know she wasn’t a bad girl and she began her journey in search for the young lady.


Aosake Yasuko belongs to *KirAlien
Melancholic Fantasy belongs to :devnyraririn:


Zhamp0 Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2015
wow looks pretty amazing. i love the hairstyle
pastelgomi Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my god, I fricken love this OC!! * A *
Her design's amazing, and I love the backstory!!

Thank you so much for entering, and good luck! <3
KirCorn Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm glad you like her and thank you >.<

thank you for the watch too dear <3
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